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“Build your own gun” (or BYOG) has been with us about as long as firearms themselves. There has always been… Read More >

Anger Awareness

I have written before about how important it is for us to control our emotions when we are carrying firearms. Read More >

The Dangers of Vehicles

A few weeks ago, my just-turned-16-year-old daughter was at the wheel driving my son and me to his elementary school… Read More >

When to Hit Pause

This past weekend, a Fox News headline about an incident in an Indiana furniture store naturally caught my attention: “Armed… Read More >

‘No Border, No Wall, No USA at All!’

Flirtation with an cheek swab confirmed what I already suspected: I am Northern European and a dab of Iberian. Read More >

August Is National Shooting Sports Month

So, what have you been up to this month? Squeezing in that one last summer vacation to the beach with… Read More >

Cops and Guns

I am generally pro-cop. Blue lives matter. In the military, I often worked side-by-side with American and German cops. I… Read More >

The Subtle Words Attacking Gun Owners

By now, you have seen the story. An altercation occurrs in a parking lot. One man shoves another man to… Read More >

Hollywood’s Propaganda War Ramps Up

One of the most underestimated forces facing Second Amendment supporters is Hollywood’s power to shape public opinion. Since the advent… Read More >

Inside Baseball: A First-Hand Perspective from the Front Lines of Gun Rights

I remember as a kid, after random childhood disappointments, I would often complain that something “wasn’t fair.” This lament usually… Read More >

Stand Your Ground (Here We Go Again)

Last week, when we commented on the recent “handicapped parking” incident in Florida, I mentioned how the media had been… Read More >

Asking for Trouble Instead of Avoiding It

An event that occurred in Clearwater, Florida, a little more than a week ago illustrates why it is so important… Read More >

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