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WARNING: Disturbing!

I’m making New Year’s Resolutions. To be honest, they usually last only a few weeks. Lose weight. Get more exercise. Read More >

Twice Murdered

You might think that a person can only be murdered once. You might think that we are flesh and blood… Read More >

Watch Out … a Girl!

Important men are dropping like flies today from charges of misconduct. As I write this, Matt Lauer (closet lefty) and… Read More >

Words to the Wise

In most areas of life, “reviewing the basics” from time to time is just common sense. It is an especially… Read More >

Holiday Craziness

Last Thanksgiving weekend in Florida, we received a stark reminder that insanity never takes a vacation; this time it was… Read More >

Will Gun Sales Surge Again?

Did you buy a gun on Black Friday? If so, you were not alone. The FBI reported 203,086 requests for… Read More >

Prying Eyes, Prying Hands

I used to enjoy Kevin Spacey’s movie and television roles: LA Confidential, The Usual Suspects, Midnight in the Garden of… Read More >

Missing the Effing Point!

A friend of mine, Ken Stern, worked as VP and then CEO of National Public Radio from 1999-2008. He was… Read More >

Lessons from the Texas Church Shooting

By the time you read this, there will be much more information available on last Sunday’s mass shooting in the… Read More >

Beware Your Friends

Remember the old saying to “keep your friends close and your enemies closer?” I understand what that means … about… Read More >

California Condition Orange

I’m not planning to visit California soon. No one there will lose sleep over that announcement, I suppose, but California… Read More >

Not Really My Area

As I write this column, information, accusations and political diatribes are flying in from all quarters. People are lining up… Read More >

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