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It wasn’t easy being a teenager with a World War II Pacific combat navy hero for a dad. His silent… Read More >

My Bank

Do you remember your first banking experience? I recall pedaling my two-speed J.C. Higgins bicycle to the Fernandina Beach, Florida,… Read More >

Your Kids … and School

If you have kids, and you own guns, you have probably taught even your very young children the fundamentals of… Read More >

First the Second, Second the First

Don’t even imagine that the assault on the 2nd Amendment is finished or even pausing for a breath. Your right… Read More >

Get to Know Your Local Sheriff

When the media claims that law enforcement supports some particular element of gun control, they are not talking about real… Read More >

Best Robbery Bets

Are you tired of robbing 7-Elevens because you don’t get enough for your next hit of juice? Are you angry… Read More >

Is the FBI Right?

We’ve been brainwashed to believe that the FBI is always right. But over the past few years, we’ve learned that… Read More >

Are You Feeling Smug?

Suppose that you live in a town where you know practically everybody or that you live in the country and… Read More >

An Epic Fail

You cannot imagine how much it pains me to write this. When I teach policing to my college criminal justice… Read More >

Don’t Get Sidetracked…

After the Parkland school shooting, what should have been a discussion about how best to protect our schools was immediately… Read More >

Holding Parents Accountable

The Florida school shooting makes me angry and, at the same time, makes me cry. I read fresh stories attacking… Read More >

Friends in High Places

It’s great having someone at your six, someone who has your back. This great organization will do that and possibly… Read More >

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