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Rohrbaugh R-9 Pocket Pistol with Power

Unlike many of the guns in its class, the R-9 is all metal construction. The slide and barrel are… Read More >

RAMI: A New CZ For Concealed Carry

The RAMI CZ 2075’s dimensions compare favorably to a sub-compact “baby” Glock or Springfield XD Compact. The CZ 2075… Read More >

Stash It…Don’t Flash It

The first principle of concealed carry is to learn that concealed carry means just that: it is not a… Read More >


The Mak was produced in Russia, East Germany, Bulgaria and of course, China. After the wall fell, the Mak… Read More >

Detonics Combat Master MK 1

Few things make me geek out like a compact .45, and nothing geeks me out more than the Combat… Read More >

The Seecamp Surprise

The Seecamp is known for throwing surprise parties for crooks every chance it gets, often loud and quite entertaining,… Read More >

SmartCarry® by Concealed Protection 3, Inc.

SmartCarry® by Concealed Protection 3, Inc. Disclaimer written by Nicholas Albright: I am not under any obligation to Concealed… Read More >

Gun Review: Beretta 8045 Mini Cougar .45 – USCCA

The Mini is simply a Cougar with the grip frame cut short. It retains the same length barrel and… Read More >

A Guide To Pocket Carry

Ultimately, whether you choose pocket carry or another form, the choice of your holster style and material is a… Read More >

Glock 36

My main goal today was to compare the difference in feel between the Glock 30 and Glock 36. The… Read More >

Galco Ankle Glove

The leather holster portion was stitched to a thick, wide neoprene strap. This strap was then wrapped around your… Read More >

Revision Sawfly Military Eyewear System

Protect your eyesight with eyewear by Revision. If you are carrying a concealed firearm, you need to be practicing… Read More >