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Read no-holds-barred reviews of both personal and home defense firearms and stay up-to-date on the latest concealed carry offerings on the market. Discover everything you need to know to select the best, tried-and-true self-defense gear—from holsters, knives, and ammunition to flashlights, first-aid kits, and alternate weapons.

Single-Action Autos and “Cocked and Locked” Carry

I have been carrying the Iver Johnson Hard Chrome .38 Super 1911A1 (that I reviewed a few weeks ago) as… Read More >

Hogue Bantam Style Grip

When you have a 3-inch-barreled Smith & Wesson 686+ in hand, loaded with seven rounds of .357 Magnum, there’s not… Read More >

“Which Gun Should I Buy?”

Firearms instructors like myself are constantly approached for recommendations. Many individuals have never owned any gun, and some are longtime… Read More >

Gear We Love — November/December 2017

{1} Altamont Silverblack Grips MSRP: $38 Modern manufacturing revolutionized the handgun grips industry, and Altamont does a heck of a… Read More >

Are You Carrying the Right Gear?

By now you’ve heard of the pipe bomb attack in Manhattan. I’m sure more details will be coming in between… Read More >

Don’t Sweat the CrossBreed SnapSlide

CrossBreed Holsters are well known for their inside-the-waistband holsters. But they make some very good outside-the-waistband holsters as well. The… Read More >

Hogue EX-F03 Hawkbill Fixed-Blade Karambit Knife

As you might have figured by now, I like knives. My very first knife was given to me by my… Read More >

The Ultimate Knife: FOX 599 Karambit

I am going to be upfront here: Bladed weapons are not a strong point for me (pun intended). In fact,… Read More >


We’re used to the one-handed operation of countless folding knives. And we’re greatly appreciative of these and other excellent tools… Read More >

DeSantis Gunny Sack II: Year-Round Concealed Carry Option for Full-Sized Pistols

The month of December normally causes most folks to be focused on the predominant holidays at hand: Chanukah and Christmas. Read More >

CQB and the Revolver

A couple weeks back, we looked at what would happen if, during a close-quarters fight, an attacker got his hands… Read More >

Hogue LE (Laser Enhanced) Rosewood Composite 1911 Grips

I have been a supporter of laser sights on handguns since the mid-1990s, when I was permitted to mount a… Read More >

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