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Read no-holds-barred reviews of both personal and home defense firearms and stay up-to-date on the latest concealed carry offerings on the market. Discover everything you need to know to select the best, tried-and-true self-defense gear—from holsters, knives, and ammunition to flashlights, first-aid kits, and alternate weapons.

EZ Does It! Smith & Wesson’s New .380

What do they say about the internet? Never read the comments. A few days before I sat down to write… Read More >

Concealed Carry Like a Boss

The Boss by Packin’ Neat is a multi-pocketed, holster-equipped purse insert that provides a concealed carry option for women. It… Read More >

Vintage Revolver Defense Load — Remington LSWC Target Ammo

Before you read any further, this article is not about the 158-grain lead semi-wadcutter (LSWC) hollow-point +P .38 Special load,… Read More >

Gear We Love — April 2018

{1} ESS Marathon Gunpack MSRP: $59.95 Designed for active outdoor endeavors, this belt system is a handy and comfortable way… Read More >

Bang for Your Buck

I own a lot of guns. Many of you do too. We own them not just for personal protection, but… Read More >

Mossberg Maverick HS12 Thunder Ranch Over/Under Shotgun

Immediately after an unspeakably evil shooter murdered innocent children and adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School with an AR-15, former… Read More >


The individual first aid kit (IFAK) is quickly becoming a key piece of everyday carry gear — and rightly so. Read More >

Full Pockets: Advice for Pocket Carriers

Over the last few years, the number and style of guns suitable for pocket carry have blossomed. At one time,… Read More >

Seeing Is Believing

My husband Sean and I recently had an opportunity to train with Dave Sevigny of Sevigny Performance, winner of more… Read More >

Another Marathon!

A couple months ago, I told you about the Marathon Pack by Elite Survival Systems. The original Marathon Pack would… Read More >

Zero Tolerance 0462 Sinkevich Folding Tactical Knife

When I received the Zero Tolerance 0462 Sinkevich folding tactical knife, I was not quite sure what to expect. While… Read More >

The Spartan and Nemesis Combo

Carrying a concealed handgun is a significantly subjective matter. Sure, there are objective realities, such as the reliability and quality… Read More >

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