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Read no-holds-barred reviews of both personal and home defense firearms and stay up-to-date on the latest concealed carry offerings on the market. Discover everything you need to know to select the best, tried-and-true self-defense gear—from holsters, knives, and ammunition to flashlights, first-aid kits, and alternate weapons.

The 5 and 5 Drill

The Drill: We are once again joined on the range this week by Jason Speller, Chief Instructor of D.R.A.W. Read More >

Guns That Should Never Go Away

Some guns — such as this Taurus 650 — should never go away. It should always be available and everybody… Read More >

Self-Defense Is Not Just About Gear

If you think you can strap a gun on your hip and consider yourself protected, you might be in for… Read More >

Be Prepared Anytime with the Food Insurance Survival Backpack

Something unbelievable — at least for me — occurred this month. I hit the big 6-0. I say this not… Read More >

The Failure-to-Fire Drill (Simulation Featuring BarrelBlok)

This week’s video is a little different than our normal Tactical Tuesday training segment. Instead of focusing on a specific… Read More >

Swab-its Star Chamber Cleaning Foam Swabs

I have really taken to Swab-its Cleaning Foam Swabs since I evaluated them in October 2016. At that time, I… Read More >

Why I Love the Colt Defender

Every now and then I tire of plastic, single-stack nines and go for this aluminum alloy-framed Colt Defender. It’s 1911… Read More >

Gear We Love — July 2017

{1} Adco Super Thumb MSRP: $10.95 Regardless of age or strength, no one’s thumb is tougher than a 1,000-round pistol… Read More >

Is Your Barrel Blocked?

We here at the USCCA continue to promote dry-fire training and we always stress safety when training without ammo. It… Read More >

Can Man Custom Gun Case

The ubiquitous ammo can: Most of us have one sitting around somewhere, storing something, in classic olive drab with a… Read More >

Firearms Are Not a Superpower

I had the opportunity to speak about women’s personal protection and self-defense at a Bama Carry meeting not too long… Read More >

Do You Need a Manual Safety?

Lately there has been lots of talk about safeties on firearms. Some people even claim pistols like the Glock or… Read More >

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