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Read no-holds-barred reviews of both personal and home defense firearms and stay up-to-date on the latest concealed carry offerings on the market. Discover everything you need to know to select the best, tried-and-true self-defense gear—from holsters, knives, and ammunition to flashlights, first-aid kits, and alternate weapons.

The DeSantis Mini Slide OWB Concealment Holster

Kydex is one of the most popular materials for constructing concealment holsters. Its strength, thinness and light weight combined with… Read More >

Kershaw Natrix Copper — A Unique Take on Tactical/Utility Folders

The number of folding tactical and tactical/utility knives available on the market is seemingly infinite. Everything from cheap junk knives… Read More >

+P or Not +P … That Is the Question!

My apologies to Mr. Shakespeare for altering one of his more famous quotes. But seriously, I seldom have a firearms… Read More >

Maybe Not THIS Laser

Just a couple of weeks ago, I mounted a Viridian C5L laser and light on my Grey Man pistol. I… Read More >

Don’t Trade In That Old Glock Too Soon

When I started policing full-time, I became a member of what we unofficially referred to as the “gun of the… Read More >

Last-Minute Gift Ideas for the Gun Owner in Your Life

HO, HO, HO-ly crap! The holiday season is upon us, and you might still need gift ideas for the shooter… Read More >

Gear We Love — November/December 2018

Mag Storage Solutions Rack ‘Em MSRP: $19.98 Mag Storage Solutions Rack ‘Em These AR magazine racks are American-made and… Read More >

Train With Your Portable Safe

Gun owners are constantly looking for the right balance between security and rapid access. The world is full of trade-offs,… Read More >

Things to Consider When Choosing Your New Glock

The cynics in the group will say that all Glock pistols are the same and that choosing one is a… Read More >

Laser Training = 75/25

A laser on your pistol can really help you get on target faster, but it becomes easy to fall into… Read More >

In the Clear: Are Handguns Really the Best?

If you’re a regular reader of my column in the USCCA’s weekly digital newsletter The Concealed Carry Report, you may… Read More >

The Colt .38 Special Night Cobra: A Top-of-the-Line Six-Shot Snub

Fans of the double-action .38 Special snub-nosed revolver will sadly remember 1995 as the year that the Colt management team,… Read More >

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