You Have More to Worry About than Scratches on Your Wilson When Police Officers Are Pointing a Gun at You

Dear Editor,

I received your April issue. As always a great mag filled with good, solid information.

I enjoyed the article on the Wilson Combat. Just because I may not be able to afford one does not mean I would not want to know about it. I love to purchase the best guns I can afford.

One point a firearms instructor made to me a few years back. Carrying a fancy or expensive gun is fine, but if you ever have to use it you better be prepared to possibly have an officer instruct you to “drop it” or even “kick it” across the pavement. I think I would be crying about that time if I was carrying a gun as nice as the Wilson.

— Tom Sliker, Mill Spring, NC


Dear Tom,

In such situations of having a police officer pointing a gun at you and ordering you to drop your weapon…I think in that situation you would have more to worry about than getting some scratches on your Wilson. And most cops would understand if you said, “Okay, I’m setting it down, this pistol cost me 3 grand and I don’t want it scratched up because I dropped it…setting it down…slowly…”

—George Hill, Contributing CCM Editor

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