YetiTac Custom Quick Claw Kydex OWB Holster

Kydex holsters are all the rage these days, and with good reason. A custom Kydex rig is generally more affordable than an equivalent leather rig, doesn’t wear or stretch, is impervious to weather and abuse, and is lighter in weight.

YetiTac is a custom maker that works exclusively in Kydex and strives to keep up with the constant stream of new pistol models hitting the market on an almost daily basis, as evidenced by its announcement of new holsters that will accommodate the new Streamlight TLR6 Laser/Flashlight combo mounted on the Glock 42/43.

YetiTac, like most other holster makers who work in Kydex, uses friction fit to retain the holstered firearm. Drawing from this type of holster is easy and smooth, since there is nothing to unsnap, rotate, or twist to clear the gun from the holster. And, as Kydex retains its shape without sagging or stretching over time (unlike leather), the friction retention quality lasts indefinitely.

What one needs to remember with ANY Kydex friction-fit, open-top holster, and not just those from YetiTac, is that if you are carrying a defensive handgun in harm’s way, you need to wear a covering garment over it. There is just not enough retention to protect from a gun grab. Remember you are responsible for maintaining control of your handgun. A covering garment goes a long way toward that end. For use at the range, or during training activities, any open-top Kydex rig works fine without a covering garment.

The holster that drew my interest in the YetiTac lineup was the OWB Quick Claw. I have long been a user of paddle holsters from various companies due to their easy on-and-off capabilities. Some of the older designs went on and off easily (in fact too easily). While there was a retention device to protect the gun from being yanked from the holster, there wasn’t much to protect the gun AND holster being yanked from the belt. Not good. Current rigs offer good retention of the gun and holster as a unit, but are more difficult to remove, and sometime require undoing the pants to remove the rig. Paddle holsters were originally designed for wear by plainclothes detectives who liked to remove their gun and holster for comfort and stash them in their desk drawer while doing paperwork. Practical street experience showed that “easy off” rigs really weren’t the best way to go.

The Quick Claw combines the best features of a paddle holster with the best features of a belt holster. YetiTac attaches a pair of plastic opposed “claws” affixed to the back of the holster (hence the name) that fit over the top of a double-thick trouser belt and clip with two claws facing in and two out. The opposing claws hold the holster and belt firmly together, yet the holster and gun can be easily removed by alternately pulling and pushing the belt clips. No need to undo pants with the Quick Claw design.

YetiTac sent me a Quick Claw in Desert Tan for my Beretta 92. The 92 slid easily into the Kydex sheath and was held firmly in place. The holster was easily attached to my belt.

I wore the Quick Claw and my Beretta underneath an old Cabela’s Safari Vest. The rig rode comfortably and stayed concealed, although I had to slide the holster forward of my hip to keep the butt of the Beretta from “printing” against the vest. The Beretta 92 is a large pistol, and keeping one concealed takes a bit more effort than concealing your favorite mini-Glock.

Because YetiTac is a custom holster maker, there are scores of options available to customize their holsters to meet your needs and tastes. I counted no fewer than 21 basic color choices, with 23 separate camo pattern choices that include carbon fiber style, as well as limitless “graphic Kydex” patterns that can make the holster you select totally yours and yours alone.

YetiTac also features IWB holsters, as well as a drop-leg tactical rig. Prices are superb. The Quick Claw is priced at $60 in its basic guise. Check out their selection at