Worst Handgun

There’s always debate about the BEST firearm and cartridge. I recently saw an example in a store counter of what I understand to be generally accepted as the absolute WORST ever repeating pistol and cartridge combination offered for sale in the United States in the past hundred years.

Intended, built and priced to replace cheap, imported pocket pistols banned from import by the Gun Control Act of 1968, this was one of a number of such pistols produced by various machine shops in Southern California in .22 and .25acp. Selling price was generally a greater concern than reliability and the .25acp cartridge is infamous for it’s inadequacy. Admittedly, they did provide an opportunity for the financially challenged to be armed, but I’d feel safer with a sharp pencil.

Any challengers for worst carry pistol/revolver which aren’t single shot or derringers or obsolete black powder matchlock, flintlock or percussion cap styles?

Does anyone use shooting gloves when shooting your favorite handgun? If so, what kind (manufacturer) of glove are you using?

I am looking for suggestions for a Driveway Alarm. Everything I’ve purchased in the past doesn’t hold up. Anyone used a laser beam based unit?