A Word About Warning Shots

Firing a warning shot is one of the worst ideas ever put forth in the area of self-defense training. You are personally responsible for every projectile that leaves your firearm. If you fire a warning shot blindly into the air, you have no idea where that round is going to impact. What if it hits an innocent person? How will you explain to a prosecutor that you were in imminent danger if you didn’t feel the need to fire at your attacker?

Don’t fire warning shots. If you feel like you should give a verbal warning, fine, do that. But do not be firing shots unless they are well aimed at someone you have clearly identified as an immediate threat.

Into the Fray, Episode 49: Warning Shots 

Warning shots put bullets in places you don’t want them to go. If you’re going to fire a round, fire AT the imminent deadly threat, and keep firing until that threat stops. Don’t shoot anywhere else.

Don’t. As in don’t fire warning shots. Ever. Shoot at your attacker and keep shooting until the threat stops.

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