Why is Sig Sauer so Expensive?

Please contact your local senator and ask him/her to support senator Mike Green. Senator Green wants to see gun free zones eliminated in Michigan. Senator Green feels that these gun free zones are not being enforced so they are not needed.

I feel gun free zones are not needed at all. We should be allowed to protect ourselves, and our families anywhere we are.

Please send out those e-mails ASAP.

Hey guys I am on the board for my church and me and couple other board members are about to present to the full board in two weeks. We have some resources but do you have any data or sites you would recommend to help us win over the other members? Any help would be appreciated.

Are these really any better than a Glock or XD to justify the almost $500 more? Just looking for input. I fondled a P229 today and it got me excited, but not sure I can justify the premium price. Help me convince myself that I need to buy this one! 

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