Is Hollow-Point Ammo Illegal? – U.S. Concealed Carry

I was in the mall here in Tennessee the other day and they had a sign posted that said no weapons allowed except those allowed by state and federal law. Does this mean with my concealed carry weapons permit I can carry in the mall?

I was just reading the May issue of Guns and Ammo and they have an article on some new ammo from Federal that looks like a wadcutter but expands like a hollow point. One of the stated reasons for this is for people who live in places where hollow points are illegal. Given that my gun permits are good in 35 states, it might be a good idea to know where I can’t carry hollow points. Does anybody have good source for this info?

Also, what is the definition of “hollow point”? I normally carry Hornady Critical Defense. Is that a hollow point even though the point is filled with plastic?

I have an older lady friend (64) who wants to get her gun permit. The problem is finding a gun she can use. She has weak hands thus pulling back the slide on most autos is a problem for her. Also loading mags is also a problem so we looked at revolvers. She tried to shoot a S&W 38 but the trigger pull was too much. So I thought that a Ruger LCR would work. Trigger pull was okay but the recoil was too much even in non +P ammo. She can shoot my Sig 239 but the cost of that gun is more than she wants to spend. I am now looking at the Taurus 380 revolver. Anyone here shot that gun? How is the trigger pull? Any thoughts on some other gun? I thought perhaps a 22 mag but I bet the heavy trigger pull on a rim fire gun would not work.

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