What Is Legal Protection?


If you own a gun for self-defense, you need another layer of protection. USCCA Membership is different than CCW insurance or concealed carry insurance. Along with legal and financial protection up to $2,250,000*, you’ll secure access to the finest community of like-minded Americans and award-winning service.

We all prepare for the worst while hoping for the best. No one wants to wind up in a situation where the only recourse is violent self-defense — with a gun or otherwise — but it happens. The USCCA exists to guide and support responsibly armed Americans just like you through the frightening and overwhelming aftermath of a self-defense incident.

Legal Protection When You Need It Most

When you call the Self-Defense SHIELD emergency hotline, you will be aided by a compassionate and knowledgeable professional who will assist in the aftermath of a self-defense incident and, if necessary, provide resources to obtain legal representation. Almost as importantly, he or she will help reassure you during this stressful time and will stick with you through the whole process.

The USCCA launched its revolutionary Self-Defense SHIELD program in 2012, recognizing that even good guys and gals who do the right thing by defending themselves and their loved ones can experience all-new struggles in the courtroom. This comprehensive financial and legal protection benefit is an integral part of every USCCA Membership, providing support to members when they need it most. Monetary limits represent a per-incident cap and not a restriction based per annum or by length of membership.

  • Sleep better at night knowing you have access to up to $2,250,000 in protection* that covers your self-defense use of ANY legal weapon — including your gun.
  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing the Critical Response Team is just one call away — 24/7/365 — to walk you through the aftermath of a self-defense incident.
  • Have the freedom to choose your own criminal defense attorney, or simply choose one with experience in firearms and self-defense case law from the USCCA Attorney Network.

*All Self-Defense Shield Protection Plan Benefit amounts are detailed more fully in and are subject to the terms, conditions, limitations, and exclusions set forth in the Membership Agreement.

Involvement in a Self-Defense Action May Result in Complications Such As:

  • Having your weapon seized as evidence
  • Being held in police custody during the investigation
  • Astronomical legal fees
  • Specialist/expert/lab fees
  • Lost time at work or school
  • Mandatory court dates
  • Bail costs
  • The possibility of conviction and imprisonment
  • Possible civil suits, even if found not criminally culpable

How Legal Protection Helps Gun Owners

The purpose of legal protection is to have an organization standing by to back you up if you are required to use force for defense. Concealed carry insurance plans commonly include legal representation — whether that takes the form of the assignment of an in-network lawyer, up-front funds with which to retain your own lawyer or reimbursement of legal fees after the verdict. Most self-defense cases will involve some form of criminal investigation, but there is also a risk of civil litigation. Unfortunately, responsibly armed Americans have been successfully sued by the “bad guys” even after dismissal of the criminal case.

Many concealed carry insurance providers offer benefits in addition to basic legal and financial representation. Do your research before deciding about a concealed carry insurance provider. Different companies provide different services, and many offer varying levels of “protection” within their own service models. It is also wise to research local laws concerning concealed carry and self-defense and to consult a knowledgeable attorney.

We’re Here to Help

USCCA Membership is the responsible American gun owner’s secret weapon. With unparalleled education and training opportunities, USCCA Members can rest easy knowing they have the skills and resources required to ultimately protect their families.

With revolutionary self-defense protection, USCCA Members can also trust that they’ll have someone in their corner — fighting for their innocence — in the complicated aftermath of a self-defense incident.

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