Welcome to the New Year

Yes, indeed. Welcome to the new year. 2017. How about that, huh? It’s here. I can remember years ago thinking, “Holy crap, I’m going to be 38 years old at the turn of the century!” Oh boy, I remember thinking 38 was old! What I wouldn’t give to go back to that turn of the century! Ah, but alas, I know so much more now, and it’s funny how that happens. As much as I would love to go back, I’m quite content right where I am. And where is that, exactly? It’s right where I want to be.

See, we control the narrative now. That’s a great thing, and here’s why: I brought Armed American Radio to the airwaves just a little over two months after Obama took his first oath of office in January, 2009. On April 26th, 2009, AAR debuted locally, hitting the national stage in September of that same year. For eight years, we have known nothing but Obama and his politics. But those days are over! AAR was designed to focus on CCW issues, the concealed carry lifestyle and the defense of our right to peacefully live that lifestyle as responsibly armed Americans. My purpose was not to cover outdoor living, hunting and sportsman issues but to laser focus on CCW rights and defensive gun use.

Unfortunately, the other side of the political aisle saw it their responsibility to initiate what history will no doubt view as the worst attack America has ever seen on the right to bear arms — which, of course, covers the CCW aspect of our 2A freedoms. You know, that little part about actually carrying a gun? Last I checked, if you can’t bear arms, there is no such thing as CCW. As a result of the efforts of the administration, post-Newtown particularly, Obama began paying back his anti-rights cronies and the assault against our Constitution came full force. Think about that. A sitting president using one of the worst criminal acts in American history to come after his citizens and their freedoms. AAR, along with every other pro-rights organization in America (from local grassroots state groups to large national players), was forced to mobilize.

It was remarkable to see and to be a participant on the front lines. Never before had anything like this happened. Eventually, thank God, it produced a hard-fought victory. And now to the victors go the spoils, as they say. So what does that mean, exactly? To me and to Armed American Radio, it means no longer having the albatross of being forced into a political battle around my neck, allowing me instead to move CCW issues and other things that matter to living our lifestyle to the forefront. Yes, we control the narrative, and now I flip the script, if you will. Of course, you can always expect that Armed American Radio will defend your rights. Don’t be silly. We can’t live our lifestyle and discuss CCW issues if there is no CCW, right? There will be plenty to talk about, believe me. However, we will talk about it on our terms, my terms, and from our perspective the way we choose! No worries there, hombre, we got you covered.

More importantly, we now have the breathing space to cover the issues that matter to us without the distraction of a political battle. The oxygen is flowing again. The SCOTUS is now safe. The lower court appointees are now safe. Politically speaking, we are now poised to move forward and advance the ball rather than play defense every game. We are on offense.

That means that I can now bring you Armed American Radio in ways it was supposed to be heard. That means open, free and about anything we want, including more of the things that matter to us as CCW holders: things such as carry methods, reviews, tools, ideas, things, guns, education and information — all presented in the informative and entertaining package that makes AAR one of the fastest growing programs in in the country.

Get ready for Armed American Radio in 2017! My commitment to you is greater than it has ever been. To educate you, inform you, defend you and entertain you in ways that make gun owners loud and proud, all with a laser focus on CCW issues and being the responsibly armed Americans we are together. To the thousands of you I have heard from over the years, keep the emails coming. You humble me.

Thank you for a fantastic 2016! Thank you for everything you did for freedom and for winning back some sanity.

Now let’s get down to business.