Even if you are carrying a concealed pistol and packing a folding knife in your pocket, you should consider adding a neck knife to your everyday gear. It is a deep cover tool that you will not go for unless your situation deteriorates to the worst possible level: You are out of ammo, you have lost your folding knife, the fight is still on, and your attacker is too close. Gerber’s Ghoststrike Punch Knife offers a terrific example of a neck knife. It retails for $46 and comes with a plastic sheath and a cord for wearing around your neck. It safely resides under all your clothing layers, awaiting deployment with a one-handed tug.

The Ghoststrike Punch Knife is more than just a neck knife. You can also wear it vertically on a belt in almost any location. I like mine at 3 o’clock on my strong side. Wearing it on a pack or attached to a vest offers a truckload of other deployment options. Now that’s versatile!

The Ghoststrike Punch Knife is made in the USA and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. It weighs a mere 3.2 ounces and measures just over 4.8 inches. The blade is made of 420HC steel and measures 2.5 inches. The rubber over-molded handle features a textured grip and has notches that help the user get a good hold on the knife. The glass-filled sheath weighs virtually nothing. The knife clicks right into it and stays securely in place, making upside-down carry no problem. The secure hold makes it easy to wear around your neck when running or heading out on the town. Wear it under your outermost layer for easy access, or drop it behind your innermost layer for maximum concealment.

Drawing it when worn around your neck requires you to simply grasp the knife and tug it out. The tang can protrude either between your index and middle fingers or between your middle and ring fingers. Draw it straight down so the blade does not touch your skin. While the sheath comes with a lanyard, I would replace the lanyard with one that has some kind of breakaway system. That way, the loop around your neck does not get used against you in a scuffle.

Because of its blade length and wide handle, the Ghoststrike Punch Knife offers significant leverage when used as a strike weapon, primarily when deployed with a punching motion (hence the name). Even though it is a close-quarters tool with limited range, it is a versatile option for worst-case scenarios.

More info at: https://www.gerbergear.com/