USCCA Defense SHIELD Attorney: If You Haven’t Done It, Do It

Just returned from establishing a business relationship with an attorney listed in the Defense SHIELD roster. He reports an uptick in calls seeking this, and I explained it was likely because of interest generated by the USCCA program.

Be advised: expect to pay for an attorney to be on retainer. This is not at all surprising to me, but may be to some. Am I thrilled with spending money? No. But the decision to be armed or seek means to be armed carries responsibilities, and when was the last Life responsibility you shouldered free? I never want to be at risk of losing my freedom, my life, because I didn’t soberly consider the risks. I have considered them, and I’ve acted. Not free, but done. And I’m glad I did.

I’d no more own guns without a plan to manage consequences than I’d drive without car insurance or fail to have homeowners’ coverage. The risks are real and horrifying once you begin to really think about them. Don’t put this off.

I recently purchased the S&W642 in .38 Special +P and also the HKS 36A speed loader. It is a poor loader because of the size of the revolver. I began to load the revolver but was unable to remove the loader easily. There seems to be limited space in this weapon to easily release the loader. Is there something I am doing wrong or is a Bianchi Speed Strip better for these small guns?

In the world we live in I’d consider myself somewhat unique in two of my passions. One, I conceal carry to ensure my personal protection as well as the protection of my friends and family. Two, I run what most people consider extreme and unusual distances of 70-100 miles per week. I also run races that are 50-100 miles and longer (yes, at one time, no sleep or break). My challenge is that these two passions often collide as I have found it very challenging to do both simultaneously not because you can’t, but because it is very very difficult due to comfort, perspiration, and ability to conceal in general.

I find that I am often choosing to not carry due to these challenges, and it really concerns me because I run alone, in extremely remote locations where I know I am vulnerable to both natural, and unnatural dangers. So, here I am looking for suggestions from a community that understands at least one of my needs. The need to protect myself, but may not fully understand my need to run crazy long distances.

I’m looking for suggestions on both what and how to carry effectively in this situation.. My need is to have a firearm that is both light weight, and resistant to extreme perspiration as my activities are challenging both in deep summer and winter months. I’m also looking for a method to conceal during these activities that is truly concealable and comfortable that does not lead to extreme chafing on the body. Ideally this method would need to be made with a fabric/material that is also perspiration resistant or waterproof, and breathable. So yes my needs collide, but I’m anxious to hear any suggestions other than giving up one for the other.