I just got back from the NRA Convention in Louisville. If you have never attended an NRA Convention, you should. It is great to not only see new products, take classes, or attend special sessions, but also to spend time with a huge number of like-minded people. With all the political uncertainty that our nation is facing, your attendance at future conventions and membership in the NRA and the USCCA will be of even greater importance. But I digress a bit. I wanted to tell you about one new, and one updated, item from Tuff Products that I saw at the convention. I will start with the new one.

It has been difficult for me to find a carry system for my cell phone that really suits me. (Finding great concealed carry systems for handguns is relatively easy by comparison.) I recently upgraded to an iPhone 6 and needed a new protective carrier for it.

I carried my previous iPhone in an Otter Box, which is a relatively good system (or at least I thought it was). The Otter Box features a protective armored case for your phone—which works great—and a belt clip carrier, which doesn’t work so great. The plastic used for the belt clip and holder is brittle, and is clearly not the heavy-duty polymer that pistol-makers use for their pistol frames. I wound up breaking two, and eventually settled for a leather holder that was a family hand-me-down (but not breakable). The new iPhone 6 didn’t fit in it all that well, so the search was on for something better.

Just prior to NRA, I saw that TUFF Products (www.tuffproducts.com) had introduced a ballistic nylon cell phone case that showed promise. The Patent-Pending 8224 TUFF iTac Tactical AR – Phone Holster is built solidly, like TUFF’s holsters or concealed carry systems, and is the best system for cell phone carry that I have seen.

The iTac Phone Holster has the following features:

  • Foam Molded TUFF 5 Part Laminate (1000D/1680D) construction
  • A heavy-duty 1-3/4″ Metal Clip that works fine on any normal trouser belt, including lined gun belts
  • It holds an iPhone 4, 5, or 6 or a Samsung Galaxy. It can also hold an AR-15 Magazine (which is why “AR” is in its name—it’s not just as a gimmick)
  • PALS Webbing Front which allows the attachment of a tactical light (my Streamlight Sidewinder Compact II light fits there perfectly, and of course so will TUFF’s own line of tactical lights)
  • A Laced Bungee system that allows the user to tailor the holster to their particular phone and protective case. Note that the TUFF iTac is not a substitute for a protective case on the phone itself. The Laced Bungee system allows you to compensate for the protective phone case that you selected
  • Available in Black or Coyote Brown

The bungee system adjustment is easy due to the use of a locking clip, which means—fortunately—there is nothing to tie or re-tie. I slid my phone into the case, top-side down, with the screen turned toward my body, and found just the right amount of tension where the phone won’t slide out of the case when inverted but is still easily withdrawn. About an inch of the phone protrudes from the top of the case, which allows for a solid draw.

The inside of the iTac is lined with the same material used in TUFF holsters. It won’t scratch your phone screen and actually keeps the screen clean. All great so far, but the proof is in the wearing.

I was a bit worried about the belt clip initially since it is not rotatable (like the Otter Box) and was unsure of what the comfort level would be while sitting in a car. Would the iTac jab the phone into my side? I am happy to report that my fears were unfounded. The folks at TUFF got it just right. The iTac phone case clip allows just the right amount of tilt front or rear to make for extremely comfortable wear. I went to the gym with my phone in the case and clipped it to my gym shorts and sweats. It worked very well even without a belt. I highly recommend the iTac Phone Holster. The quality design explains why a patent is pending. The best part is that the MSRP is only $25! Anyone price regular cell phone carriers lately?

Not long ago, I tested the TUFF Products Pocket Roo holster. This fine inside-the-pocket holster not only holds your handgun but can also hold a small pistol mag (like that of a Walther PPK) or a QuickStrip loaded with revolver ammo. The Pocket Roo’s stablemate is the Super Tac Pocket Holster, which recently has been upgraded.

The 5079 Super Tac Pocket Holster essentially is a Pocket Roo without the pocket, for those who choose to carry spare ammo in other locations. The Super Tac has been upgraded for 2016 by a change in the exterior material used on the holster. Instead of the pebble finish surface found on the Pocket Roo I tested, the Super Tac now uses TUFF’s Super Tac Grip Laminate for the holster exterior. The Grip Laminate finish, at first glance, appears to be “checkered.” A closer look reveals that the surface is actually a series of horizontal and vertical “stabs” in the material that is designed to hold the Super Tac in the trouser pocket even better than the previous finish. It definitely has a tackier feel to it and should stick solidly within the pocket. Obviously TUFF intends to make sure that its products are absolutely the best. MSRP of the Super Tac is only $25.00.

TUFF Products continues to innovate with new products as well as improve upon previous ones. Best of all is that their stuff is all very high quality, and should last the owner for a lifetime of service.