Trump’s SCOTUS Pick: All You Need to Know…

Here’s all you need to know about President Trump’s nomination of 10th Circuit Court Judge Neil M. Gorsuch to replace Justice Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court. It’s simple: You need only read what the gun-grabbers have to say about it, such as this statement from John Feinblatt, President of Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety. Take a look at the email blast I received yesterday from said group:

Mark —

The Senate Majority Leader said that any Supreme Court nominee would have to pass the NRA leadership’s muster — and last summer, Trump swore never to let the NRA down. Needless to say, there are some serious concerns about Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch.

Gorsuch’s record doesn’t tell us too much about his views on guns. But here’s what we do know: He has issued multiple decisions that have underminded (sic) our public safety laws and made it harder for law enforcement to prosecute criminals who illegally get guns. We need a Supreme Court justice who will uphold our strong laws — not enable the gun lobby’s extreme and perverted vision of the Constitution. That’s why we need Gorsuch to answer some tough questions on where he stands when it comes to guns.

While Gorsuch’s record on guns isn’t long, it does suggest that he’s open to making it easier for some felons to have guns. The vast majority of Americans — including gun owners and NRA members — agree that we need to enforce the gun laws on our books. But if his record is any clue, Gorsuch could make it harder for us to enforce public safety laws — laws that have been on our books for centuries.

In recent years, the Supreme Court — including conservative Justice Scalia — has repeatedly reaffirmed that the Second Amendment doesn’t conflict with common sense laws preventing dangerous people from getting guns.

That’s why we need to hold Trump’s nominee accountable for his record and ask him whether or not he will uphold public safety laws that protect our communities. Send a message to your senators demanding they ask Gorsuch the tough questions Americans deserve answers to about where he stands on guns.

Thank you for speaking up,

John Feinblatt
Everytown for Gun Safety

If they oppose it, you know it’s the right choice. Trust me; you would be concerned if Everytown and Bloomberg came out in vocal support of a Supreme Court nominee, wouldn’t you? Of course you would. Combine the above statement of fear from the President of one of America’s most virulent freedom haters with the fact that Alan Gottlieb of the Second Amendment Foundation wholeheartedly supports the selection of Gorsuch, and you have your answer. (I asked Gottlieb on air about the three possible picks — including Gorsuch — on last Sunday’s Armed American Radio program before the selection was made. He made it clear that both he and the Second Amendment Foundation supported all three.)

Your Second Amendment is safe under Donald Trump and the gun-grabbers know it, hence their emails and desperation. Why, exactly, are they so afraid? That’s easy: They know that Gorsuch will protect and defend the U.S. Constitution based on his previous writings. For their agenda to succeed, the U.S. Constitution must be shredded and twisted by progressive judges legislating from the bench.

Gorsuch is a “strict constructionist,” defined loosely as someone whose interpretation of the Constitution is based on its literal meaning or the original intent of the framers (as it should be), not the whims of the political agenda du jour. What that means for us is that Gorsuch can be counted on to interpret the Constitution as written. “Shall not be infringed” means just what it says: Shall not being infringed.

Don’t believe me? Go back and reread the email blast from the representative of one of America’s worst ever freedom-hating organizations. Also, watch the leftover Democrats in the Senate oppose him at every twist and turn, for the very reasons I just mentioned. That tells you everything you need to know.

This is how winning feels. Get used to it!

Don’t you just love it? Gosh, I do!

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