Training Children

I bought a full size S&W 1911. What a sweet gun. Out of the box it was dead on. At 10 yards I was doing a better grouping than any other gun I have shot. The trigger is really sweet too. Anyone else have this gun? What are others thoughts on full sized 1911’s and which one do you like?

OK, so it really does seem like zombies are just about everywhere these days. Even the CDC has a “Zombie Apocalypse” page on their website for crying out loud! I guess it’s all in fun, and if it gets people thinking about preparedness that’s a definite plus. So I thought I’d chime in and add my $0.02 to the discussion. Here’s the scenario:

The dreaded zombie apocalypse is here. People are dropping like flies only to be reanimated by the virus, get back up & start on their crusade to bite as many people as possible–and thereby continue the rapid spread of the virus–before their dead body rots away to the point where they can no longer move. Body shots don’t work on zombies. Even if you hit them with a .50BMG & blow their body completely in half they will simply pull themselves along with their arms & try to bite at your ankles! Only by destroying the brain can you truly neutralize the undead, and that means head shots only. You should also keep in mind that one zombie, or even few of them, isn’t a threat. They’re slow & almost literally brainless, but they are also absolutely relentless. They never sleep, and as long as enough of their body remains in tact for them to be able to move they will not stop coming. Worse yet, there are billions of them worldwide!

Your situation is that you have to ‘bug out’. Your current base has become unlivable, and you must move to a better location. Society has completely collapsed at this point, and along with it the electrical grid & modern transportation systems. Suddenly it’s the 1820’s again, only with hoards of the undead stalking your every move all day every day, and a single bite is all it takes for them to very quickly bring you into their ranks. You’re on your own at this point with no backup, and your only source of resupply is what you can scrounge along the way.

What are your weapons of choice in nightmare scenario? Is there any other specialized equipment you would have in your B.O.B. (other than the obvious food, water, first aid, etc.)? We’re going to assume that neither financial concerns nor federal law applies. You can have anything you want, as long as you can carry it with you. So, what do you want? You know you’ve been thinking about this!

I have 3 preschoolers. I know they are not ready to shoot yet but I am curious how others have taught their children to shoot.

What training tools do you use and what indicates that they are ready?

Do you start out with airsoft and bb guns?

Long guns before pistols?

How do you convey the destructive power of a firearm to a child’s mind?