Tips for Maintaining Your Gun

Think about your car for a minute. It requires regular maintenance in order for you to depend on it to get you where you need to go safely. Similarly, your gun requires regular maintenance in order to function properly. The last thing you want is for it to jam when you need it to defend your home and family, simply because you didn’t take the time to maintain or clean it.

In the January 2011 issue of Concealed Carry Magazine, Joseph Chetwood shared some gun maintenance tips we feel are worth revisiting. He breaks it down into three specific categories of items to have in a gun maintenance kit– lubricants, cleaning tools, and cleaning solutions. Let’s take a look at why these are maintenance necessities.

Lubricating gun oils don’t just keep the moving parts of your gun from sticking; they can also help prevent corrosion from environmental factors. For example, gun owners living in regions with high humidity levels may notice that the moisture in the air can escalate corrosion of metals and cause problems with friction. To combat the issue, you need a gun oil lubricant that also provides protection against corrosion.

Those living in arid regions, on the other hand, need a lubricant that helps keep dust at bay. A key ingredient these gun owners should avoid in gun oil is paraffin wax because it attracts dust and lint. If you use gun oil with paraffin, and then your gun sits in its holster for a while, the oil will create a rubbing compound that can actually accelerate wear caused by friction.

A quality cleaning rod and proper attachments are also essential and should be chosen just as carefully as the gun oil for your firearm, as Chetwood reminds us. For example, stainless steel cleaning rods and brushes can cause internal damage to your gun because of their hardness. Brass pistol rods and bronze brushes are softer and generally safer for your gun.

A few other items we recommend for a gun maintenance kit are jags and a good cleaning solution. Jags are smaller than the bore and, when used with a patch, make it possible to create a clean seal on the pore in one sweep. For cleaners, find one that contains ammonia for the purpose of dissolving copper fouling in the core as well as an ingredient like pine oil to help remove grease.

You make sure your car is serviced on a regular basis – so do the same for your gun, which you trust to protect your home and family. If you take responsibility and clean it regularly, you can rest assured it will work when you need it.

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