“The AWESOMEST thing in the Concealed Carry Report TO DATE”

The AWESOMEST thing in the Concealed Carry Report TO DATE.

(CCR Editor’s Note: Thanks! We thought it would be fun to see old Chuck doing NRA videos. C’mon folks. It’s Chuck Norris!)

I had an interesting thing happen to me. I was coming home and had clipped my OWB holster on the left side for crossdraw. I figure in my truck it’s the best way to get access with the seatbelt covering the right. Adjust it a little before I head out so I know I can get it. I pull in the garage, get out and notice the morning paper in the driveway. I have a light jacket on so I’m still covered. I walk out and I’ll be darn if the holster and gun don’t fall off my belt and drop on the concrete.

I’m not in a rural setting here lots of other houses. I must admit it made me a bit nervous. I tried not to make it too obvious. I picked it up, grabbed the paper, and went in the house. I know I’m really not like breaking the law or anything, I just like to be concealed and stay that way. So my question is, has anyone had instances like this where you dropped your gun? Where it fell out of the holster or whatever? I would love to hear any similar stories. Not the “being made” stories but actual stories of dropping a concealed carry gun in public, having it fall out. You know what I mean, FULL VIEW.

So my daughter comes home from high school the other day (first year and she’s having a blast), and informs me that she has a photography project. One of the aspects of the project is to take pictures of machinery. The definition of machinery for this assignment is anything with moving parts that work together, in order to perform a specific function…

Of course I had to make a few suggestions, so I offered her a chance to photograph some firearms.

She took much better pics with her expensive 35mm camera, but I had to jump in with my digital cam to take a few of my own, since they turned out so cool.

I can’t wait to hear what her teacher has to say about her homework!

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