Someone Didn’t Get the Memo on Safety Devices

In the article regarding an empty chamber in your carry gun [“Five Beans in the Wheel” by Tamara Keel, CCM Aug/Sept 2011], Ms. Keel states, “if the revolver in question is a double-action revolver made in the last 60 years it almost certainly has two safety devices … If it was made any time in the 20th century it has at least one.” I have a Colt Frontier Scout .22 (LR and Magnum) that I purchased new in the mid-sixties that has no safety whatsoever. Even Colt recommends an empty chamber under the hammer. Evidently someone at Colt didn’t get the memo.

— Stan Brown


While your .22 Colt Frontier Scout was incontrovertibly manufactured within the last 60 years, it is equally incontrovertibly not a “double-action revolver.” As a more-or-less faithful copy of Colt’s M1873 Single Action Army, it is, indeed, devoid of the drop safeties built into modern double-action wheel guns.

—Tamara Keel

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