Smart Carry and Overweight People

Does the Smart Carry Holster work for people who are overweight?

I just got back from the range with my S&W MP-15. I want to get a scope,but would like some advice as to what power and/or brand. Any comments or suggestions? I have a Daniel Defense rail and a Bushnell 1X holographic site now but need more magnification for these older eyes.

Last year I found these thin but warm (for Northwest weather anyway) gloves made by Head. The only thing I wished it could do was activate my touch sensitive laser on my pistol. Good news, this year the same company has made the same glove but with sensitive finger tips-perfect for activating my rail mounted RSS touch laser.

Look for Head “multi-sport gloves” with Sensatec, these glove will enable you grip your gun better than traditional gloves because of the sticky webbing and you won’t need to remove them to push a touch screen panel at the gas station, or ATM, etc.

They are available at Amazon around $25, but right now until supplies run out you can get them at Costco for under $11.00 a pair.