Shotgun Rounds in Home Defense

At home I prefer my Mossberg 500 12 Ga. with a short barrel (legal), a laser, and pistol grip.

I’m just trying to figure out the legal standing I would have here where I live. My carry firearms have various hollow point types of ammo. All proven. At home I prefer my Mossberg 500 12 Ga. with a short barrel (legal), a laser, and pistol grip. I can roll out of bed and hit the target while barely having my eyes open and my glasses on.

Recently an online supplier advertised these 12 Gauge Lightfield HV Star Home Defender 2 3/4″ 5 Round Box Less-Lethal shells. Basically you are hitting your target with a koosh ball fired from a shotgun. I’m in a low threat environment in the middle of nowhere. I heard about the Marissa Alexander case. (She fired in self-defense and may end up doing 20 years.)

My original thought was to load up a Lightfield round and the rest would be bird shot. But if there were to be two invaders or I had to fire multiple times at target one, where would my legal position be? I worry that something such as a prosecutor saying, “You killed home invader two while only using less-than-lethal ammo on invader one.” Or asking, “Why did you fire a second lethal shell after firing a less-than-lethal shell?”  I never want to have to clean blood out of my carpeting, but I do want to survive the encounter. What are your thoughts?

Can anyone point me to a product that will not harm leather holsters but will eliminate or reducethe leather holster to leather belt squeak. Sounds much like being in a horse saddle. A dead giveawayfor concealed carry.

I was in the Marine Corps for 8 years. I have been around guns nearly my entire adult life. I have been trained in tactics and other things, but here is my issue: When in public with my son I need him to understand what to do if we get attacked and I have to defend. I could teach him the basics but I would really like to attend some training where he could get involved. I just read an article in an older issue of USCCA’s “Concealed Carry” magazine about proper procedures to use with your child in a situation like this. It pointed out a lot of mistakes I would most likely make.

Are there any classes you guys and gals could recommend? I would hate to be in a situation where a robbery, assault or something like that happens and my son yells out, “Dad stop him! You have a gun!” or something to that effect placing us both in danger. I think coming from me he would not take it as serious as he would from a trainer in an actual training environment.

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