SHOT Show 2017

What a fantastic week! SHOT Show comes around once a year every January and this ain’t my first rodeo. I’ve been attending this show for about 14 years or so, and every year my reason for being here seems to morph. The past two years have been entirely radio related — particularly this year with AAR on “Radio Row” alongside Dana Loesch from the Blaze, Lars Larson and others, including my good friend and favorite talk host of all time, Mike Gallagher.

I was able to pull off three live shows this year during the tradeshow, and every single segment was better than the last. The guest lineup included representatives from Alien Gear and North American Arms, Andrew Branca, Chris Juelich, Jeff Bourman (an Australian member of Parliament), Dennis Black of Ranger Supply Room, Alan Gottlieb, AWR Hawkins, Alan Korwin and, of course, a great guest appearance from Mike Gallagher and many others. It was huge.

The show itself? Honestly, I don’t spend much time outside Radio Row and the media room/NSSF lounges, as I’m just too busy, but what I can tell you is it was different. By that I mean the feeling in the air: the sense of fresh air, breathing room and freedom were the order of the day. It was palpable. You could feel it. Gone was the doom and gloom of SHOT Show ghosts of the last eight years. In its place was a sense that we have won. That a new order is taking over and it begins right now. Yes, you could feel it. No more fear or loathing over concern for what another year of leftist progressive BS might pull on us. The sense of relief is very real here!

It was a blast this year, as in years past. Lots of very hard work, hurting feet and long hours, but the camaraderie of the attendees, friends new and old alike, make it worthwhile every January.

Please make sure to listen to the culmination of my three days at SHOT 2017 on AAR Daily Defense and understand that I’m cutting this one short because of my hectic schedule. This time, though, it’s dinner with my amazing colleagues at USCCA and my family of coworkers who make what we do possible.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s programs from the Venetian Hotel, Sands Expo Center for SHOT 2017 here in Vegas! It was a blast bringing such an incredible lineup to you.

I’ll see you on the radio!

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