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As you are starting to see, my experience at the Blue August Writer’s Conference exposed me to several new products of interest to readers of the Concealed Carry Report. One of those items is the SCCY (pronounced “Sky”) Compact 9mm semi-automatic pistol.

The SCCY CPX-2 CB is an all-black compact semi-automatic pistol approximately the size of the compact 9mm Glock 26. It is a double-action-only, hammer-fired, locked-breech pistol with repeat strike capability. The frame is Zytel polymer with molded-in finger grooves for increased control during firing. Within the polymer frame is the 7075‐T6 aircraft grade heat-treated aluminum alloy receiver, which is machined from bar stock. The barrel is also machined from bar stock and is 3.1 inches in length. The slide is treated with Black Nitride and has machined grasping grooves at the rear. Sights are three-dot white, and are also Nitride-treated steel. Weight unloaded is a mere 15 ounces.

The CPX-2 series of SCCY pistols has no manual safety, but the CPX-1 does. I tried both at the writer’s conference test range and preferred the CPX-2. The double-action pull on both models weighs in at around 12 pounds—more than twice the weight of the standard pull of a Glock pistol and about the same weight as a double-action revolver. It should be very difficult to have an accidental discharge with the CPX-2. There is no way to cock the hidden hammer during the trigger cycle for a lighter pull, even though it becomes exposed gradually as the trigger is pulled.

The proprietary steel 10-round magazines (two come with the CPX-2) have finger extension floor plates installed—and two extra flat floor plates in the box, should you desire to maximize concealment. The extended floor plates really don’t take up that much room and add to controllability, so I left them in place. However, it is nice to have the flat base option.

There is a prominent magazine release button positioned in the standard location and the magazines drop freely. The slide locks back on the last shot, and the slide release lever is also appropriately prominent and easy to locate for fast reloads.

Testing at the Shooting Range

I received a CPX-2 CB (black frame and slide) for additional testing. Different combinations of frame and slide color are available (even pink). I took the CPX-2 out to our police range and tested it with two available loads that I had on hand—Winchester 115-grain “white box” FMJ and Sig Sauer Elite Performance 124-grain JHP defensive ammo. The Winchester 115-grain has a stated muzzle velocity of 1190 fps while the Sig Sauer ammo was rated at 1189 fps.

Testing over the chronograph gave an average velocity reading of 1042 fps for the Winchester 115-grain loads and 1047 fps for the Sig Sauer Elite loads. That translates to 277 foot pounds of energy at the muzzle for the Winchester 115-grain ammo and 302 foot pounds muzzle energy for the Sig Elite loads. While each loading lost 150 fps off the stated velocity due to the shorter barrel, the remaining energy level is still significant, providing some 100 more foot pounds of energy than a .380 load fired from a 4-inch barrel with easily controlled recoil.

The CPX-2 performed flawlessly with both loads straight from the box. Center clustered head shots in the 3-inch range were no problem at 30 feet. At 100 yards, I could only manage 2 hits in the silhouette and one on the paper out of five shots. Still not too terrible considering the long double-action pull and compact size of the CPX-2.

Conclusions on the SCCY CPX-2

The SCCY CPX-2 is an outstanding CCW pistol—especially considering the MSRP of only $334. I like the long DA trigger pull, which helps protect against an AD if there is a careless moment. The SCCY webpage has a list of holster makers who accommodate their pistols. If you can’t find a holster specifically for the CPX-2 (or 1), the CPX-1 and 2 will fit just fine in holsters designed for the Kel-Tec P-11, which has similar dimensions. I also find it will fit in certain holsters designed for the mini-Glocks. For more information, go to

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