Ross Sporting Goods Glocksmithing

G-17 showing chopped and reduced grip, rounded trigger guard, and Heine rear sight.

G-17 showing chopped and reduced grip, rounded trigger guard, and Heine rear sight.

As good as the Glock platform is, there is a lot of room for improvement and personalization. The basic Glock can definitely benefit from some attention by a quality gunsmith. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there who think that owning a Dremel tool qualifies them to start grinding plastic off of your G-17. While searching for a truly qualified Glocksmith, I found Cope Reynolds at Ross Sporting Goods in Farmington, New Mexico. Cope’s work is top-notch, and he can transform your basic Glock into a tailor-fitted carry gun.

One of the most universally criticized features of the Glock is the grip size and angle. The factory grip has never fit me properly. My first request for Cope was to do a grip reduction on my Third Generation Glock 17. Although my hands are large, I never cared for the feel of the standard Glock grip, including the pronounced curvature of the backstrap and the finger grooves that never quite fit me. The full grip reduction by Ross Sporting Goods eliminates the finger grooves, and removes the backstrap palm swell, much improving the grip angle. As part of this process, you can also have the frontstrap and backstrap stippled for better grip and control. This grip change made my Glock’s fit much better for me, and it has a great appearance too. Some Glock grip reductions can be hideously ugly, but not this one.

I also opted for the grip shortening (having my Glock 17 grip chopped to the Glock 19 size). I had never heard of anyone doing this before, but now I am sold on it. The grip is the hardest part to conceal, and a Glock 19 grip with the full length Glock 17 barrel and corresponding sight radius is a great combination for concealed carry. The grip shortening has a near factory appearance, and now fits Glock 19 magazines perfectly! If you already have a Glock 19, you can chop the grip to accept Glock 26 magazines.

Ross Sporting Goods also did their signature oval shaped mag release, which is easier to operate than the normal extended mag release, offering a much larger surface area. I had them finish off the frame work by rounding off the trigger guard, a modification that is partly cosmetic and partly to make reholstering easier. I did not opt for any trigger work, but I have no doubts that the work would be top-notch.

I highly recommend the Glock-smithing services at Ross Sporting Goods. The work I had done was very reasonably priced, and the turn-around time is usually about two weeks. How can you beat that for quality gunsmithing? Details on these services and others offered by Ross Sporting Goods, together with pricing, can be found at: or by calling (866) 886-8753.