Retired Cop Wants More Gun Control

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Armed but not so Safe

In the aftermath of the Aurora, CO movie theater shooting, the gun-control debate has taken center stage in the media and in political discussion yet again.  One main question being asked by everyone: Could the shooter have been stopped by an armed citizen if they had been carrying concealed?  In this OP-ED, one retired police officer shares his provoking opinions with all of us…

I thought I was. I had a plan for middle of the night home evasion. If the alarm goes off. we lock and bar the bedroom door, call 911 and wait for the police to come and clear the house. If the intruders try to come through the bedroom door, we retreat to the bathroom and lock and bar that door. I grab the extra gun and continue to update the 911 operator until police arrive. Unfortunately, you act as you are preconditioned! Fortunately, it was a false alarm. This is how it actually went down: The alarm went off and since my wife was not next to me (no one else was in the house), I thought she had gone downstairs without turning it off and triggered the infrared motion sensor. So, I expected her to shut it off any second. She didn’t. Instead, she stood next to me and said, “Don’t you hear that?” Then I jumped up, grabbed my weapon, looked out the bedroom door, shined my tactical light down the stairs to see if I detected any movement and proceeded to shut off the alarm so as not to disturb the neighbors any longer. That was dumb! To compound my mistakes, I proceeded to clear the house! Albeit, doing it correctly but still dumb!

Being awakened from a dead sleep by a loud noise just does something to your sense of reasoning that makes you very vulnerable. At least it does to me. I am thankful for the chance to have been able to experience this with no unfortunate consequences being able to iron out what I will be doing if it happens again. We will be running this drill regularly each month now!

Incidentally, the thing that set off the alarm was a very loose garage entry door that actually tripped the sensor when a nearby freight train passed with extraordinary vibration. At least that is what I attribute it to (fixed now, of course), but it could have been an intruder jimmying the door and scared off by the alarm. I guess I’ll never know if I was just very lucky being very stupid! Oh, and of course I am now the brunt of my wife’s jokes about harping on security and then freezing up when things go south.

I am considering purchasing an H&K USP Compact 9 M handgun, and am looking for both positive and negative comments from current or former owners.

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