Rented a Full Size M&P .40, Kimber Solo, and Suggestions for a Motorcycle Rider

I was very impressed with the firearm! I shot 4 boxes of ammo threw it and it performed flawless! very accurate and easy to operate. I like the way it feels in my hands over a Glock. I just ordered one in .45 and hope it will perform just as well. My 19 year old son who is in college for law enforcement shot it and like it over his Sig p250. I think Santa’s gonna bring him one.

Any one got to handle and fire one of the Solo pistols yet? Just ordered one last week,they said it probably wouldn’t be in until May. Fills real good in the hand, sights are great. They are a lot better than the one on my Ruger LCP. If anyone has any info or fired one, let me know.

I used to not carry my firearm when riding, as the wind caused my shirt/jacket to ride up a bit, and want to stay low key with my weapon. I usually carry a Glock 19, but with the waist holster, just is too visible.

Anyone have any suggestions as to a good holster for this application? Ankle seems to be too difficult to get to? Thought about buying the undershirt? Thoughts and or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.