The Recluse Holster

Carrying a handgun concealed in a pocket offers a few advantages over other methods of concealed carry. Pocket carry can be more comfortable than, say, carrying inside the waistband; pocket carry can allow a hand on the gun but still keeps the gun undrawn, hidden from view; and pocket carry may be the best place to carry not only a traditional revolver but also many of the new, small pistols available today. Pocket carry isn’t perfect, however. It’s difficult to access a gun in a pocket while seated and there’s always the risk of some printing. Of course, pocket holster systems abound that attempt to maximize the advantages and minimize the disadvantages. One pocket holster worth looking at is the aptly named Recluse, in this version a well-designed one-sided holster that keeps a safe hold of the gun—especially guarding the trigger—while helping hide the gun under a wide swath of leather. The Recluse retails for $59.95.

Standing in as perhaps the ideal pocket pistol, the Kahr CW380 you see here was right at home in a Recluse holster, enjoying a perfect fit, a comfortable and fairly well-hidden ride, and easy access.

Perfect Fit

Recluse holsters are custom made to fit the guns they’re intended to hold. While the leather covers the entirety of one side of the body of the pistol, its key fitting points are where the muzzle sits and where the trigger and trigger guard fits. The muzzle of the Kahr CW380, for example, sits inside a pocket of stitched leather, both supporting and protecting the gun. Working in conjunction with this is a flexible form that fits inside the trigger guard and in front of and behind the trigger. As such, it not only protects the trigger but also allows the outer leather to which it is attached to sit very close to the frame of the gun, ensuring the best use of the Kahr’s thin profile for concealment.

Comfortable and Hidden

In addition to the excellent fit of gun to holster, the holster fits well into the front pocket of a pair of jeans. Despite the seemingly large amount of leather that must go into the pocket, this helps the holster in several ways: The shape of the holster helps keep the pistol upright in the pocket. The leather completely covers the pistol, allowing no discernable pistol shape to print. When standing, the holster is mostly unseen. When sitting, it becomes clear that something is in that front pocket. But the shape that may print when sitting looks like a wallet or something else innocuous. All-day long carry of the Kahr CW380 proved comfortable, not just for the portion of my leg under the gun (the Kahr CW380 is fairly flat) but also because there was no holster inside or outside of my waistband. The Kahr CW380 weighs barely over 10 ounces; nonetheless, its weight gets distributed to the holster in the pocket, which is attached to the jeans, which are held up by a gun belt.

Easy Access

To draw a pistol from the Recluse holster, place your hand into the pocket, aiming your trigger finger straight and down the slide of the gun. This will pull the holster’s flexible form away from the trigger and trigger guard, allowing your other fingers to grasp the stocks and draw the pistol out.

If you pocket carry, what kind of gun and in what brand or type of holster?