True Stories of Self-Defense with Firearms – USCCA

Have you ever imagined what would happen if someone with a weapon broke into your home while you were there? What would you do?  What would your family do?  Would they even know how to respond to a dangerous threat?  While many people don’t want to admit it, violent home invasions are more common than people think.  Here are just a few real life stories of Americans who have been forced to defend their homes and families with firearms from violent attackers.

Sarah, an 18-year-old single mom, encountered a pair of intruders while at home with her infant. One of the intruders was armed with a 12-inch hunting knife. To protect herself and her child, Sarah shot and killed one of the intruders, forcing the other intruder to retreat. Sarah’s actions were defended under Oklahoma’s Castle Doctrine.

In Maine, 24-year-old Daniel used a .22 to fend off three intruders that forced their way into the home he was sharing with his roommate Luis. One intruder was armed with a knife and attacked both Daniel and Luis. Daniel was able to get away to retrieve his gun and shot two of the intruders before they escaped. The police caught the intruders at a hospital later that day.

Perhaps the most impressive example is that of a 14-year-old boy from Phoenix that protected his siblings when he noticed someone was trying to force his way in their home. The boy sent his siblings into an upstairs bedroom and then got a handgun from their parents’ room. He found the intruder breaking in the front door, and the intruder pointed a gun at the boy, who fired only once and hit the intruder. The local police department gave the boy credit for protecting himself and his siblings due to his “quick thinking and excellent training.”

As you can see from these examples, the outcomes could have been much different if these citizens hadn’t chosen to protect their homes and families with guns. But owning guns isn’t enough.  It is imperative that you are responsible and educated on how to securely store and safely operate your guns. It’s also important to understand that there may come a time when it is necessary to actually shoot someone in order to save an innocent life. While it’s a situation no one wants to face, it is something everyone must be mentally and physically prepared for.