Pushing/No Follow Through Advice

I bought my wife a Ruger LC9 and have put about 250 rounds through it without a problem until recently while shooting, the mag releases from recoil. I have three different mags and the same thing happens with all of them. I thought it might have been the way my wife was holding it but it also did it with me so it must be the release. I’m curious as to if anyone else has run into this issue?

I shoot a Glock 26 and I am lefty. I have been consistently shooting slightly right and up from the center. The shooting chart says I am pushing or having no follow through. Besides dry fire practice, which I will be doing, what advice would others have?

My daughter needs advice and I thought I would check with my USCCA friends. She has really small hands and when she shoots her Bersa 380 she has to hold it so that her knuckle of her thumb is under the beaver tail and it leaves a bruise. She says that she cannot get her finger on the trigger any other way. What can we do? She is considering a different gun. I wondered if a Kahr would be good?