Prudish Editorial Posture Toward Decent People Who Carry Illegally

Dear Editor,

I have lived in Wisconsin, delivered pizza in Milwaukee, carried illegally there, shopped at the Shooter’s Shop, been a member of JPFO and trained with Gabe Suarez. I congratulate you for creating Concealed Carry Magazine, and that you are still surviving!

Before CCW became commonly lawful across the country, magazines like Guns&Ammo and American Handgunner from the 80’s and 90’s, would discuss concealed carry…but their editorial posture was so prudish towards decent people carrying illegally, that their tone seemed oriented to an audience of police and detectives only.

I have been a subscriber since last year and I find CCM to be more substantial, and more directly oriented to decent people like me. It is much more focused than any other defense or gun-oriented magazine.

— Karl George, Wisconsin

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