Product Testing Spotlight – Quadrula X

Quadrula X

Quadrula X

Fellow Responsibly Armed Citizens,

A few weeks ago I had featured a product [The Receptrix] from Ed Disse. It was a versatile notebook carrier that could easily conceal a firearm. As my wife said to me, it was a product that mixed fashion and function. As someone who often has my laptop handy…it just made sense.

Well Ed is one of those guys, like myself, that never stops thinking of new and better ways for the responsibly armed citizen to both concealed carry and to accomplish daily tasks.

His newest product is once again something that provides a completely functional bag, along with the concealed carry option to keep us all protected no matter what we are doing. The Quadrula-X is built tough enough to handle anything you can imagine from office to outdoors.

I want to give Ed the floor for a moment and let him thank the USCCA members personally and to tell you about the new product he is offering.

Dear Members of the USCCA,

I want to thank each one of you for the time you spent reviewing our product line as well as the great comments that were forwarded to me. I am glad to have the opportunity to work with the USSCA and its well informed and educated members. It is a privilege to have the immediate connection to people who actively participate in the shooting industry and provide meaningful thoughts in great detail.

The first product we introduced to you was our Receptrix pack, this time we are introducing our Quadrula-X pack. It is the perfect size for a short hike and also can easily be used for compact or full sized carry.

As with all of our packs, we design for functionality and produce our products with some of the finest raw materials. We try to build all of our packs so that it fits the needs of many and serves a purpose in the user’s environment of choice.

Whether you are an avid outdoorsman, a day hiker, a fly fisher, or just enjoy quality packs to take along to the office, I am certain the Quadrula-X will exceed your needs. If you are looking for a compact size pack with plenty of room for the necessities of the day, look no further than our Quadrula-X. This pack rides comfortably over the shoulder and is just the right size for everyday carry.

Here is a recent review on this pack:

Again, we appreciate our strong and long term relationship with the USSCA and its members. We look forward to bringing forward gear to exceed your needs. Please feel free to email us at anytime for suggestions or comments at

For the USSCA members, we are going to offer you a limited time special….Just for being a dedicated and much appreciated member of the USSCA, we are going to provide you a 25% discount on your order placed on our site at from June 17th, 2011 through July 1st, 2011.

Use code USSCA during the checkout process to receive 25% off. Again, we appreciate your business and well received feedback.

All the best,

Edward Disse III

Disse Outdoor Gear

Now, because Ed had such a great experience with the members of the USCCA he decided to make this special offer only to members. He emphasized that he can’t offer this deal to everyone, so please keep this with-in the USCCA community.

Check out the Quadrala-X Here

Right now, a select number of lucky participants in our Platinum and Platinum Plus programs have been notified and are having their very own Disse Outdoor Gear Quadrula-X bag sent to their mailbox, absolutely free.

Feel free to look at the other products that Ed offers at As soon as you get a chance I ask if you would please comment below and congratulate Ed on taking the initiative to follow his dream…

Stay tuned for more great products from our Product Testing Program!

Stay safe,


Tim Schmidt

P.S. Don’t forget,

The coupon code for the 25% off will be for the Quadrula-X pack…

The code is: USCCA

This will only be available from June 17th-July 1st while in stock.