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It was only a few months ago that I was pregnant with our third child. Very pregnant. And pregnancy and I never really got along too well. So the challenges and the considerations (and all of the “weird” stuff) that go along with carrying a baby are still quite fresh on my mind. I can honestly say that I would love to forget having to head to the bathroom every five minutes and feeling utterly exhausted after completing simple tasks, like straightening up the family room or shopping for random food cravings. And I would like to put aside the memories of suffering through stabbing pains in my legs, stomach, and lower back, struggling to take a full breath, wobbling clumsily on swollen ankles, and feeling that—for lack of a better term—I was about to explode.

Undoubtedly, when a woman is expecting a child, there are a lot of physical, emotional, and mental changes to take into account. Pregnancy not only brings about a bundle of joy, it also brings about a bundle of changes to one’s body! A pregnant woman can often feel dizzy and off balance, get upset for “no reason,” become easily tired, or simply forget normal, everyday things. Parts of this lengthy list of challenges are a direct result of the various hormones surging through a female’s body in order for her to grow a human being! One of these hormones is relaxin. Ask any woman who’s “eating for two” if she’s ever dropped something over and over again or if she’s ever had problems picking up items or holding them securely. That awkward clumsiness is one of the many badges of pregnancy. And you can blame relaxin for it. The function of this particular hormone is to allow a woman’s whole body to become a bit looser. (Sounds weird, I know: relaxin causes the body to relax—literally!) And while this hormone can cause some frustrations, without it, any mom would face an even greater task: trying to give birth to a 6- to 10-pound baby, while her bones, ligaments, and joints refuse to give! OUCH!

All this being said, when it comes to pregnancy and guns, beyond having to cancel any visits to the shooting range, having a “bun in the oven” is just not the best time to be training or even to be carrying a gun on your body. Relaxin can cause your balance and your stance to change, your grip to weaken, and your emotions to take the better of you. So, while I may have used our laser ammo training system on occasion, and while I DID carry my pistol in my purse, for the most part, I avoided handling my gun while I was carrying our baby.

Ultimately, each woman will need to do what’s best and what’s most sensible or feasible for her own situation, but when making those decisions, it’s important to keep in mind the whirlwind of mental, physical, and emotional changes that pregnancy brings. As my OB/GYN always says, “When you’re pregnant, don’t just do what’s best for your body, do what’s best for your baby!”

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