Pounding “Plastic”: The Polymer Plate Rack

As we here at Concealed Carry Magazine gear up to produce more range day videos, you will begin to see a wide array of targets near the backstop. Recently we talked about steel and now we are using polymer targets from the Newbold Target Company. These inexpensive yet durable targets allow you to create your own target racks or shooting scenarios.

Check out upcoming editions of Concealed Carry Magazine’s “Drill of the Month” column for more training tips and videos. Until then, stay safe and train hard.

Into the Fray, Episode 36: The Polymer Plate Rack

If you have the opportunity to set up your own range, this is a great way to whip up some target stands and improve your training.

I’m sure I’ll get in trouble for calling polymer targets plastic, but I know you are all thinking it. These Newbold targets are durable and versatile. It might pay to add them to your collection.

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