Police Officer Accidentally Shoots His Wife

My area has been subject to multiple shootings (three this week). This one takes the cake. I found a few moral to the story. Not only are alcohol and guns a bad mix, don’t lie when you do something stupid. One bad decision and the guy is on the front page for weeks, not to mention having one very angry wife. Here is a link to the story.

Police officer accidentally shoots his wife video.

Sometimes I really love the state of Mississippi! This state has no problem with the act of self defense, even if that means driving at over 120 mph while shooting out of your car window! Sheriff Sheriff (yes, that is his name) apparently doesn’t have a problem with it. Check out the link below.

Possible Police Impersonator in Custody.

I am considering acquiring a pocket pistol for those times I do not feel comfortable with a belt-carried handgun. I am also considering an Inside the Waistband (IWB) holster for Glocks instead, but I have a mental block making me sort of anti IWB. My choices at present are the Kahr CM9 or PM9, Diamondback DB9, KelTec PF-9 or P-11, or the new Ruger LC9. I am leaning toward the Diamondback but am partial to the Kahr PM9 (which I have never seen in person) because I want a pocket piece where size and weight are controlling factors.

What I would like is some user feedback from any who use or are familiar with the firearms listed above. I have every intention of getting a suitable pocket holster prior to carrying. I have one for my Glock 27 and found the combination too bulky and heavy for personal comfort.

I do not desire anything smaller than a 9mm Luger cartridge and this piece would only be for the times I do not feel comfortable with my Glock 27 or Glock 23 and for secondary backup. I will consider other options.

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