Holster Review: Pistol Wear Belly Band for CCW – USCCA

Carrying a concealed handgun can be an exercise in compromise between at least three variables: accessibility, stability, and comfort. Generally, holsters are strong on only one or two of those variables. A shoulder holster’s strengths are accessibility and comfort. An inside the waistband holster’s strengths are stability and accessibility. And so on. Moreover, we usually evaluate holster strengths and weaknesses based on our typical activities—standing, walking, sitting, or maybe driving. What happens, however, during exercise or some other strenuous activity? Running, for example, affects all three variables, sometimes beyond the capabilities of any concealment system. Enter the Pistol Wear PT-ONE, a belly band style of holster with across-the-board strengths.

With its neoprene like material, Pistol Wear’s PT-ONE fulfills a unique place in the deep cover/belly band category of concealment systems. Like a belly band, it wraps around your belly, or better, around your hips. Its unique design involves a band that is just under 3 inches wide connected to a holster section that is 6.75 inches wide. Equipped with hook and loop fasteners and snaps, it provides a custom fit to users with an up to 40-inch waist. Marketed primarily to runners as a means to carry a concealed pistol, the PT-ONE can also be used for carry during other less strenuous activities.

After over a year of use, here’s how the PT-ONE fares in accessibility, stability, and comfort.

Accessibility. You can wear the PT-ONE as a typical belly band or as an inside the waistband holster. Regardless, it keeps a handgun on your person, at the ready, hidden under covering garments. To draw, you first have to get under or by the covering garments but once you do, your weapon is right there. Carrying a handgun muzzle vertically in the holster allows the stock to be easily grasped. An optional magnetic snap retention strap is available if desired. Carrying a handgun with the muzzle horizontal requires a bit more digging to get it out. A separate sewn-in magazine pouch keeps a reload ready.

Stability. The PT-ONE’s soft and elastic material wraps around a user’s waist and around whatever handgun is stored inside the carrier. As such, it provides a firm and stable means of carrying, even during running. Carrying a very lightweight firearm—such as the 11-ounce Diamondback DB-9 you see here—helps immensely, of course. The entire rig stays in place and doesn’t sag or bounce. While a J-frame revolver works just fine in the PT-ONE, generally the thinner the handgun, the better the fit and overall stability.

Comfort. The soft, elastic material not only provides stability, but also provides significant comfort. Nothing scratches or chafes or otherwise makes carrying uncomfortable, even after sweating out five miles of running. The PT-ONE also protects the gun carried from moisture. Other belly bands tend to fail in the comfort variable, especially while running or exercising. PT-ONE not only makes working out with a concealed gun possible but enjoyable. In fact, you’ll find yourself using it for the concealed carry of larger handguns during normal daily activities.

With a retail price of $41.50, the Pistol Wear PT-ONE offers a unique combination of accessibility, stability, and comfort. Improving on the basic belly band concept, the PT-ONE provides a viable, no-compromise option for runners and others who desire to be armed during their workouts and strenuous activities.