Pistol-Packing Mom: Tessa Renaud

You never know what love will bring you. And for the case of Tessa Renaud, love has brought her 6 children…and a passion for firearms!

Tessa is one of the amazing women I’ve met through the firearms industry. She and her family (including her husband, 12-year-old son, twin 10-year-old girls, 6-year-old daughter, 4-year-old son, and 2-year-old son), live near Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Like many women, she was introduced to handguns through her husband, who was a police officer at the time. She’d never been shooting before, but when he handed her a 12-gauge shotgun to try, “I threw it on the ground and cried,” she laughs. “It hurt my shoulder!”

Luckily, the experience didn’t keep Tessa from giving firearms another shot. “My husband was working night duty, and he wanted me and the kids to be safe. He convinced me to learn to use a handgun,” she recalls. “And I fell in love with shooting!”

Tessa Renaud and her husband.

Tessa Renaud and her husband.

What Tessa did not fall in love with, however, was the lack of products designed for women. “I attended a class that included information about different types of holsters,” she says. “My job as a nurse practitioner requires me to wear scrubs, so I don’t wear a belt or jeans or even have pockets. I asked the instructor what options I had, but I wasn’t about to start dressing like a man to carry my gun. I was very frustrated. ”

Tessa got online and searched for weeks for a solution. When she couldn’t find anything that worked for her, she began brainstorming. “I started a list of pros and cons—what I liked and what I didn’t like.” And she came to the conclusion that if she were to actually get her “wish list,” she’d have to make a holster herself!

Tessa played around with different materials and styles. Her primary goal was concealment. But she was also thinking about other women who wanted to carry with scrubs, workout clothes, form-fitting garments, and feminine styles. “I was also thinking about budget,” she states. “Holsters can be very expensive, especially when you discover that one size doesn’t fit all, and one holster doesn’t meet all your needs. I needed one kind for work…and another type for the gym!”

Additionally, Tessa wanted to create something pretty, something women would want to wear. Her material of choice: lace. And that’s how her holster, Lethal Lace, was developed!

“I credit my husband with the name,” she jokes. “That was his idea. But the holster was my creation.” Tessa admits that it started out bulky and ridiculous, but she refined it, adjusted it, and worked with it until she got it just right. “The lace offers the perfect stretch and strength to pull the gun safely and securely to your body,” she says, “but it holds SO much more than just a firearm. And I can wear the holster around my waist when I’m working, wrap it around my calf when going to the gym, and use it on my thigh when I’m wearing a dress. It’s so comfortable that I forget it’s even there. And because of the material and the style of the holster, it doesn’t grab my kid’s attention like other holsters do.”

The Lethal Lace holster isn’t an easy-access, “quick-draw” kind of holster, and it might not be the right choice for every woman. But Tessa embraces the fact that she’s reaching an audience that hasn’t really been heard: moms and everyday women…fashion-conscious females who want to carry. I respect that so much, and I respect Tessa. She’s a fabulous person, a wonderful role model, and a fellow pistol-packing mom!

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