People Are Finally Starting to Get It…

I didn’t coin the saying but I have adopted it as my own: the root word of gunfight is fight, not gun.

You need to be mentally and emotionally ready to take action in the face of danger. You need to be ready to fight. If you are not ready and willing to fight, the gun you bought, the fancy personal defense ammo you loaded it with, and the holster you put so much time into choosing will do you no good.

And people are starting to get it. Recently three Americans disarmed a violent jihadist on a train bound for Paris. Had there not been Americans on that train, you can bet the other passengers would have simply sat there and died. I did hear one passenger tell a journalist, “When I heard the shot I ducked beneath my seat and clutched my cell phone.”

I guess that is one way to respond. Was she going to ensure she got a selfie, or was she going to try to capture the event on video? Either way, she apparently did not think, “My life is in danger. I should try to save myself.” Maybe the idea of personal defense really is something only Americans think about. We seem to be the only nation that actually believes in the concept.

And then…citizens in Lake Charles, LA took it upon themselves to chase down and capture a man who shot a police officer. The officer later died, but at least the good citizens of that town took action and helped bring the shooter to justice.

Apparently we are starting to turn the corner. Apparently a growing number of people in this nation have realized that personal defense is indeed personal; that self-defense actually involves the “self.” Or maybe people are just fed up with being victims.

Personally, I don’t care why more and more people have started resisting the acts of violent criminals. I’m just glad it is happening.

You, by reading this newsletter and by being involved with the United States Concealed Carry Association, have taken an active role in your personal protection. Now that you have started on this path I urge you to continue along it, learning all you can about the laws, ethics, tactics, and gear that you need in order to keep your loved ones and yourself safe. Your skills are perishable. Laws change. Only two things remain constant: criminals don’t care about you and police cannot get to you in time to save you.

Every element of self-defense starts with your willingness to participate. Will you get training? Will you apply for a concealed carry permit if you need one? Will you hone your skills? Will you talk with your family about all of this? And, when the time comes, will you choose to fight or will you shrink back in fear?

My philosophy remains the same: if you can escape without a fight, please do so. But when you can’t escape—when you are trapped on a train with a madman—you must be ready, willing, and able to fight. There can be no hesitation at that time.

I’ll say it again: the root word of gunfight is fight, not gun. If you are not ready to fight, you are not doing anyone any favors.