Pay Attention and Always Be Armed

Let’s take a look at what can happen if you are oblivious to the world around you. In this video retrieved from a home security system, we see the dangers of not being situationally aware. The victims here did not even look at the car that stopped at the end of their driveway. In fact, they did not notice anything was amiss until they were looking at the business end of a couple pistols. Do not be oblivious! You should make sure you see what is going on around you and make sure you notice who is paying attention to you.

The next topic is simple: Be armed. Had the victims been situationally aware, they could have moved to cover and perhaps stopped the attack before it began. Instead, they had to wait for help to arrive in the form of an armed defender. There is a bit of comedy here, but not much. It was a dangerous situation.

Sometimes You Should Not Shoot

Finally, when bad guys are running away, let them run away. Shooting a fleeing criminal in the back can cause you all sorts of problems. It may be legal, but it is best not to open that can of worms.