Thugs Arrested and Charged

Sten Jackson — January 1, 2004

The gun shoved in night manager Eric Golden’s face during a robbery two weeks before at the Nashville, Tennessee, restaurant… Read More

Robbers Pose as Customers

Sten Jackson — January 1, 2004

District Attorney Robert Schwarz refused to charge an Albuquerque, New Mexico, Dunkin’ Donuts employee with any wrongdoing after the armed… Read More

Armed Robber Arrested at Nearby Hospital

Sten Jackson — January 1, 2004

The bandit brazenly barged into the Rochester, New York, market, shoving a gun into the face of the owner’s wife,… Read More

The Difference Between a PACIFIST and a VICTIM

USCCA Editor — January 1, 2004

[ Post by Kate Graham, Guest Editor ] I have a lifelong and very dear friend who is… Read More

Coming Close to Being with the Lord

Sten Jackson — January 1, 2004

As social unrest spilled across St. Petersburg, Florida, making headlines throughout the nation, criminals rampaged through the community looting businesses… Read More

Woman Shoots Her Yardman

Sten Jackson — January 1, 2004

A 45-year-old Gwinnett County, Georgia, woman carried her gun into the kitchen to investigate a noise. There, she discovered her… Read More