Stash It…Don’t Flash It
Tony Walker — July 1, 2004

The first principle of concealed carry is to learn that concealed carry means just that: it is not… Read More

Should You Wear Your Gun in the Shower?
Robert H. Boatman — July 1, 2004

If we are to learn anything from the history of citizen self defense, it’s that you may very… Read More

Erving Holcomb
Tim Schmidt — July 1, 2004

I have been married three times and have two daughters, one a very successful veterinarian, the other a… Read More

Just Another Day in Paradise
Maria Heil — July 1, 2004

When I talk about Paradise here on Earth, I want to make it clear that I am not… Read More

Common Excuses Gun Banners Will Use to Relieve You of Your Rights
Nicki Fellenzer — July 1, 2004

Their excuses are nearly endless. They manipulate statistics, hurl emotional, but essentially vacuous, arguments, and attempt to debate from an… Read More

The Mechanics of Sighting, Aiming, Pointing…and Getting Hits
Gabe Suarez — July 1, 2004

It is possible to obtain physical alignment with one hand only, but much easier and positive by using… Read More

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