RAMI: A New CZ For Concealed Carry
Duane A. Daiker — July 1, 2004

The CZ 2075 RAMI is hard to shoot. Not because it is a powerful sub-compact; but, because people at the… Read More

Degrees of Force
Sten Jackson — July 1, 2004

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina — A man charged with more than 30 offenses in the last eight years picked the wrong… Read More

Defense Mode
Sten Jackson — July 1, 2004

ROANOKE, Virginia — A Franklin County man was shot to death and a Martinsville man seriously wounded Sunday night after… Read More

A Modern Day Founding Father
USCCA Editor — July 1, 2004

Dear Editor, WOW! What a great cover. (ok I’m a sucker for red-heads….I’m married to one 🙂 ) And Thanks… Read More

Stash It…Don’t Flash It
Tony Walker — July 1, 2004

The first principle of concealed carry is to learn that concealed carry means just that: it is not… Read More

Should You Wear Your Gun in the Shower?
Robert H. Boatman — July 1, 2004

If we are to learn anything from the history of citizen self defense, it’s that you may very… Read More

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