Training and Elections
Tim Schmidt — September 1, 2004

I challenge everyone who reads these words to vote in the presidential election. Most people don’t realize the… Read More

Carrying Concealed Starts With One Finger
Ray Baltes — July 1, 2004

(Top) The tendency for many people is to grasp the weapon from the side, which often leads to… Read More

Carma Jackson
Tim Schmidt — July 1, 2004

I have been blessed with six children, five step-children, eight grandchildren and three step-grandchildren I was born into… Read More

A Little Too Close to Home
Sten Jackson — July 1, 2004

JACKSON, Tennessee — Butch Thomas dialed 911 when he looked outside and saw two strange men enter his mother’s nearby… Read More

Security Or Freedom?
Tim Schmidt — July 1, 2004

We are told that the federal government must keep us secure and protect us from terrorist. I hear… Read More

No Fairy Tale Here!
Sten Jackson — July 1, 2004

GRAHAM, Washington — A man who beat his friend with a baseball bat was in critical condition early Monday after… Read More

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