History Reveals the Truth: Founders’ Intentions Vis-à-Vis an Armed Populace
Nicki Fellenzer — September 1, 2004

Those who seek to curtail your rights – the rights protected, not granted to you as an individual… Read More

Quit Whining and Keep Your Powder Dry
USCCA Editor — September 1, 2004

Dear Editor, I was just reading the letters to the editor in the July/August ‘04 issue and I have to… Read More

Changing the Opposition
Sten Jackson — September 1, 2004

PONTIAC, Michigan — At 6:30 in the morning, a woman was walking from her car to her office when she… Read More

John Hayes
Tim Schmidt — September 1, 2004

In my opinion, most everyone should learn the shooting arts and be prepared to defend themselves and their… Read More

Hand Guns for Women? Definitely.
Kevin Michalowski — September 1, 2004

Some women don’t have the strength to work the slide on an auto-loading pistol. For those who do,… Read More

Ladies Only
Candace Carman — September 1, 2004

Ben Avery Shooting Facility in Phoenix, Arizona,, is putting a lie to all of those (sexist) statements… Read More

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