CCM Will Continue to Grow

USCCA Editor — May 1, 2005

Dear Editor, I know that you probably get ‘tons’ of e-mail, but just a few days ago you answered my… Read More

Woman, 83, Wrestles Intruder

Sten Jackson — May 1, 2005

KINGSPORT, Tennessee — An 83-year-old woman fought with an intruder in her home and fired two shots at him before… Read More

A Clear View of Your Defensive and Security Needs

Bruce N. Eimer, Ph.D. — April 1, 2005

Spitfire OC Pepper Spray is always at the ready to meet your immediate defensive and security needs.… Read More

Brother, 79, Protects Sister

Sten Jackson — April 1, 2005

Brother, 79, Protects Sister SARASOTA, Florida — Trouble came crawling through Henrietta McCormick’s bedroom window Tuesday morning. After… Read More

Bruce A. Beatty: Technical Sergeant, USAF (Retired)—Lucky, Ohio

Tim Schmidt — April 1, 2005

Alex (Grandson). Quite a good shot for a nine-year-old, especially with a rifle. I was born in Toledo,… Read More

Society’s Most Violent and Dangerous People

USCCA Editor — April 1, 2005

Dear Editor, For years, I searched for a type of magazine like yours and have subscribed to several other publications… Read More