Would-Be Robber Surprised by Armed Employees
Sten Jackson — January 1, 2004

When a would-be robber grabbed a customer in an Asheville, North Carolina, store and threatened to kill her if employees… Read More

The Constitutional Right and Obligation to Carry A Gun
Robert H. Boatman — January 1, 2004

Carrying A Gun Is An Absolute Right Thanks to the intensive lobbying efforts of the NRA, along with… Read More

Homeowner Shows Restraint
Sten Jackson — January 1, 2004

Daniel Shelton’s Martinsville, Virginia, neighbors regard him as a hero after he confronted a man who broke into his home… Read More

Kate Graham
Tim Schmidt — January 1, 2004

Kate with her Kimber Ultra Carry and her pistol-grip shotgun. My name is Kathryn Ann Graham. I was… Read More

Women Who Carry Concealed Firearms…Are We An Oddity?
Maria Heil — January 1, 2004

Stop Crime, Fight Back According to the latest figures, there are approximately 17 million women who own guns. Read More

Would-Be Robber Shot Dead
Sten Jackson — January 1, 2004

A 76-year-old Newberry Springs, California, man was awakened by the sounds of someone breaking into his home in the early… Read More

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